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The Adopt a Drain program focuses on volunteers who offer to clean a specific drain in their area. This system allows for the prevention of clogging, preventing many different contaminants from damaging our water supply. There are multiple different programs for each city and area in the Bay Area, as well as multiple different organizations around the continental United States!

Adopt a Drain SF

Adopt a Drain San Mateo

Adopt a Drain

Adopt a Drain

The US Water Alliance

The US Water Alliance is a nonprofit organization that aims to accelerate the adoption of a sustainable and equitable water future in the United States. They work towards building a community of stakeholders including water utilities, business leaders, and environmental organizations to collaborate and find innovative solutions to water challenges. The Alliance promotes water equity, sustainable water management, and water infrastructure resilience through advocacy, education, and collaboration.

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Save the Bay

Save the SF Bay is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the San Francisco Bay and its surrounding ecosystems. Their mission is to educate the public, advocate for policy changes, and engage in hands-on restoration projects. Through their efforts, they aim to preserve the Bay's natural beauty, wildlife habitats, and water quality. With the support of volunteers and community partnerships, Save the SF Bay is working towards a sustainable and resilient future for the Bay Area.

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